We know we can't do everything on our own - and we're not trying to reinvent the wheel. We partner with amazing organizations locally and beyond to help accomplish the mission of connecting people to the realness of God.


    MFI is a global church-planting network that has been active for over 40 years planting Spirit-filled churches all over the world. Our church and pastors are proud to be a part of and support this organization.


    The Storehouse is a ministry that began as a response to a growing need in Covington. Operated out of RLC, it functions as a partnership of several churches in our area. For more info on The Storehouse, visit  


    VMP exists to address the complex issues of family homelessness by helping single parents and their children build lives of hope, stability and self-sufficiency. Their vision is to end family homelessness in the greater Maple Valley area. If you or a family you know is experiencing homelessness, visit

  • FCA (fellowship of christian athletes)

    FCA has been working with young people for decades, having clubs in thousands of middle and high schools all over the U.S. and beyond. There's almost no organization better at investing into the lives of young people. If you're interested in supporting FCA here locally through our partnership, let us know.


    Seattle's Union Gospel Mission does amazing work throughout the Seattle area, offering shelter and services for Seattle's homeless population, recovery programs, outreaches and more. To join a Search & Rescue, click here. For more info on the work UGM is doing, visit

  • womf (World outreach ministry foundation)

    We've recently partnered with WOMF to do work in Uganda and beyond. Different than many short-term missions organizations, WOMF works to bring sustainable impact to the nations and communities it works with. For more invo, visit


    CareNet is a pregnancy resource center that provides accurate & helpful information in a compassionate environment, to empower life-affirming choices that change lives. For more info, visit