Join us for a fun, safe, and free community event! 3-6PM Saturday, October 31st.

Expect great carnival games, food trucks (available for purchase), and FREE candy. This is a great event to bring the whole family to and enjoy all the fun of halloween together!

We want to provide something fun and safe to do that's outside of the house, so come on by and safely enjoy your community again!


We ask that everyone attending wears a mask or face shield. (children 5 and under not required)

When you first pull in, our parking attendants will direct you where to go. Then you'll follow the marked walking paths.

All volunteers will be wearing masks (well, maybe two if their costume needs one too!)

Our food truck experience has social distancing guides on the ground to help you stay 6 feet apart from other groups. Tables are sanitized between uses. Also, food trucks are required to follow strict food handling guidelines laid out by DOH.

When you're ready to head through our carnival style trunks, we will have a queue to control the flow of people as they travel one-way through the experience. We will have stops between each trunk as we are only allowing one group per trunk. This will allow our amazing volunteers to sanitize the carnival game between each group.

To minimize the amount of hands passing things out, we will only hand candy out at the end of the trunk experience with volunteers who have put the bags together for your kids while wearing gloves and masks.



We've got a brand new way of doing Trunk-or-Treat this year and it's never been more important to connect with our community than now.

This year we are working together to create a cohesive atmosphere around our themes, so we are working with you to plan the trunk experiences! Whether you just need a nudge in the right direction, or you want a detailed plan all laid out, we've got you covered!

Our two main themes are Superheroes and Disney and we've already planned out how these themes will work, all you need to do is put the plan to work and give it your own flavor! You can make this happen with stuff laying around the house, by hitting up the dollar store, or buying a kit online with most everything you need.

What we need is people who are excited about giving our community a fun and safe place to get out and enjoy the world again! We hope you can use the joy that God has given you to shine brightly to our neighbors.


After you have signed up, our team will reach out to you with your role or personalized trunk plan.

If you have any questions, please reach out to